Survey example (architectural and systems) of an industrial site with 3 buildings, one of which consists of 4 floors in elevation.

traditional method (laser metre and tape measure)
  2-week survey with 2 operators

Laser Scanner Technology

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2/3 day survey with 1 operator

In the survey phase laser scanner technology is more economically convenient, as well as much more precise.

What to do with all the data acquired by the laser scanner?

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If we had carried out the survey with traditional methods (metres, tapes, laser distance metres, camera, total station, etc.), we would be faced with a dilemma:
1) 2D rendering of graphic representations of the object of the survey (plans, elevations and sections);
2) 3D rendering and model of the object of the survey in order to later automatically generate views of plans, elevations and sections of the same.

In case 1) the final result is extremely faster, but to change the point of view of a section or section detail a new rendering must be started with subsequent increase in time and possibility of errors.
In case 2) the final result requires more time, but allows the possibility of generating an unlimited number of views (plans, elevations and sections).

With the point clouds from laser scanners we can obtain all the 2D representations (plans, elevations and sections) that we want, directly from the detected cloud, or decide to obtain a 3D solid model.

Advantages case 1):
‐rendering time reduced to almost 0
‐the possibility of obtaining an unlimited number of views

In fact from the point cloud we can extract true-to-life, automatic and error-free horizontal sections (plans) vertical sections , and/or elevations .

Advantages case 2):
- the possibility of creating a 3D solid model superimposed on the point cloud, verifying in real time the correspondence between the model created and the current state of the object (AutoCAD, Revit, etc.).

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