In order to understand the potential improvements of laser scanner technology it is wise to consider what you are used to achieving and how you are used to working. With surveys done by means of laser scanners, vast amounts of metric and photographical information can be acquired in no time. This leads us to want to obtain very sophisticated and precise results. Although working in 3D after being accustomed to working in 2D (plans, elevations and sections, isometric views) can be disruptive, using 3D surveying technology does not imply an automatic transition to 3D results. Therefore laser scanner technology should not be considered a technique that is disruptive of traditional working methods, but rather as a technology that is sure to improve work methods in terms of accuracy and time.

The immediate advantage of using a laser scanner is undoubtedly evident during the first phase: the SURVEY.

How many times have we taken measurements out in the field and come back to the office only to realise that we had forgotten a diagonal measurement?
Whether dealing with architectural, mechanical or systems surveys, producing graphical drawings aptly descriptive of any object requires representing it with plans, elevations and sections.

The necessary steps for this production are the following:
Or doubted some measurements? Or realised we had not taken enough pictures? With laser scanner technology this will never happen again. In fact, laser scanner technology allows us to take real measurements directly on the photographs attached to the 3D point clouds with 3-4 mm precision. Another, no less important, advantage is the reduction in surveying time and therefore its costs; since surveys done with laser scanners can be managed by a single operator, even circular areas with a 50-metre radius can be surveyed in about 15 minutes (installation and survey), with an accuracy of 3-4 millimetres.

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